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Art of Freedom is dedicated to fulfilling their client’s vision throughout the event experience.

Art of Freedom

Brings you event management and unique concierge services. We will work as your personal travel and event planner for any retreat, workshop,


Art of Freedom brings you event management and unique concierge services. We will work as your personal travel and event planner for any retreat, workshop, or event you’d like to host or attend. We specialize in planning and hosting “unique getaway” destination events from start to finish. We will look after the most important aspects of planning your event, and ensure your event is professionally organized, and executed flawlessly.

Art of Freedom is dedicated to fulfilling their client’s vision throughout the event experience.

We have experience in hosting a events for hundreds of people all over the world. See our testimonials for references. Leonie Plokker is the main organiser, she offers her services on different levels, from catering, support during the retreat, materials, promotion and more.

In her projects she hires a team of specialists if needed to offer you the ultimate profession support for your projects . She understand the wellness field very well, because she has been working in it herself for many years. She is experienced therapist which makes her know the wellness market very well and understand what people need to release stress and nourish the nervous system.

Our mission

We aim to achieve this by helping wellness entrepreneurs build profitable businesses based on strategies, processes and systems that support their purpose, streamline their business operations and make marketing easy and fun.

That way they can stay focused on doing what they love doing, magnify their impact on people’s health & wellbeing and create the positive change we all need. 

About me

My name is Leonie Plokker and I like to fuse the Wisdom of the East and the Knowledge of the West. In all my work I bring many years of professional therapeutic experience as a psychologist in Europe where I achieved my Masters degree in Clinical-developmental Psychology.

My own journey and challenges opened me to a new world of transformation and healing. In 2008 I co-founded a psychology practice in Amsterdam together with a psychiatrist and other therapist, combining Western therapy with Eastern healing techniques for people who were dealing with mental issues. Through the combination of Regular therapy (CBT), Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB), meditation and EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) I have been guiding people to heal from depression, trauma’s and fear disorders for more that 10 years. I’m also formally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture) and Yoga.

For the past several years, I have been organizing wellness retreats in Koh Phangan and in Europe. My home base being Koh Phangan, Thailand.


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We offer the option for a free 30 min call to get to know us and hear how working with us can benefit you.

Upcoming Events

Examples of upcoming events organised by Art of Freedom. Because of the Corona situation the upcoming events are postponed to 2021. 

Mindfulness retreat, Serenity, Koh Phangan with Dana, postponed to 2021

In this 7 day retreat Dana will take you on a journey of learning to release stress and nourish your nervous system. Many years she has been working as a consultant herself and understands from the root how it is to live under constant stress and pressure of the modern world. In this retreat she will start the day with daily mindfulness meditations and walking meditation. In the afternoon there is space for group sharing, yoga and the final mindfulness meditation of the day

3 day healing retreat with David, April 2021,postponed to 2021

David is an expert in emotional awareness exercises and emotional release techniques. He has 15 years of experience in his field and has been guiding people with mental issues in different retreats all over the world. Combining the mental exercises with yoga and meditation techniques to help people to regain balance and health in their daily lives. This retreat is for anyone who is looking for more peace of mind and relaxation in the body!


Art of freedom Thailand is going to be transformed into School of Inner Medicine. We are going to focus on offering Facilitator training, psychological healing retreats and online programs. We will keep you updated through our newsletter about the development of this transformation.

We are going to build an online platform and combine biofeedback technology with our healing programs and facilitator training to provide sustainable and scientifically proven offerings. Fill in your email address if you want to be notified when we are going to go live and save you a spot !


Leonie is very knowledgeably and experienced in her field of wellness. With professional care and enthusiasm they take you into new insight about how to organize and implement changes in your retreats. She is a psychologist herself, has her acupuncture and yoga degree and traveled all over the world to attend workshops herself. She knows where she is talking about according health, mental balance and stress management! And besides that her way is very heart centered which makes her very pleasant and fun to work with. I am always inspired and happy after meeting her! I highly recommend to hire Leonie Plokker of Art of Freedom for organizing retreat or workshop !

Lucas Sever

From Denmark , Coach and Yoga teacher

I experienced an amazing working relation with Léonie! Leonie and her team helped me with getting the overview of my project back, building a new structure and also creating an professional program for my yearly stress management retreat for small businesses. I could fully focus on offering the retreat because Leonie took a the practical stuff out of my hand. Also during the retreat I received full support and to address her if I needed any advice according to creating a save space for the participant. Her combination of being a therapist herself and an organizing made it incredible easy and useful to work with her. I would recommend anyone to work with her to take your projects to the next level!

Dana Bar Magen

From Israel, Personal development coach and legal counsel

I am very thankful for Leonie of Art of Freedom for organizing my 7 day – ‘Stress management’ and meditation retreat. Leonie is a very energetic and organized person full of passion for her profession. Her knowledge and experience around organizing and also support during the retreat is amazing. She also organized delicious catering and I felt supported all the way during the process from the beginning until the end. I am so grateful that Leonie shared her experience in the wellness field and her sincerity in her care in making the project successful.

Aravind Kaliamoorthy

From India , Yoga and Meditation teacher

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